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FSQ Group has 10 years experience across all types of fire assets and systems imaginable. Trusted with hospital fire systems, tunnel fire protection and high rise building fire systems, FSQ can deliver valuable advice for whatever your situation. We also provide smoke alarms for homeowners and property managers. Please review our matrix of services and click through to our service divisions.

Fire services integration strategies to detailed system design and engineering, including hydraulic analysis and risk assessment. Fire Safety Engineering Fast reliable fire detection systems are vital in large infrastructure. Fire Detection Systems Fire services integration strategies to detailed system design and engineering, including hydraulic analysis and risk assessment. Fire Safety Consulting In a fire emergency, confusion reigns. This is why easy-to-follow evacuation and occupant warning systems are required by law. Occupant Warning Systems Fire detection & alarm systems save lives & are mandatory. You are obligated to provide fire safety measures to strict Australian standards. Fire Panels Ensuring safe evacuation of patrons, public and staff is paramount in planning large infrastructure. Large Evacuation Systems Tenancy refits require fire services modifications to sprinklers, smoke detectors, emergency exits and fire extinguishers. Tenancy Renovation Service Mist firefighting systems fight fires immediately at their source. Mist Systems Not all fires are created equal. The fire's cause and your site conditions dictate a custom solution to fire protection. Special Hazard Systems Fire Extinguishers are the most portable and diverse, with many types available to combat all classes of fire. Fire Extinguishers When the lights go down, the risk of injury goes up. Hence why emergency lighting is not just a ‘nice to have’, it’s a must-have. Required by law. Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs Compliance dictates that all Australian employers make sure staff know what to do in case of fire - where the emergency exits are, where to gather in an evacuation and who to look to for guidance. Evacuation Training & Procedures Fire hydrants are a component of active fire protection providing a high pressure, large volume water pressure. Fire Hydrants Fire Sprinkler Systems are still one of the most effective ways to ensure compliance, protect your people and limit property damage in the event of a fire. Automatic Fire Sprinker Systems Fire Blankets are ideal for Class F fires, providing a fire combat where oils and fats may contribute to fire ignition. Fire Blankets All Safe Smoke Alarms are the one-stop fire protection company ensuring occupant safety and providing compliance certification to owners and property managers. Smoke Alarm Systems As a first line of defence Fire Door Sets are your best chance of escaping injury and reducing damage from fire. Fire Door Sets Fire Hose Reels are a easily accessible product and a watered firefighting source for Class A fire risk. Fire Hose Reels Fire Asset Maintenance Australia will keep your Fire Pump Set maintained and compliant. Fire Pump Sets We're one of the few firms able to document compliance with relevant codes and Australian Standards. Compliance Certification Trust our tradespeople, who have continuous training and have been fully vetted for reliability in homes and offices. Police Checked Friendly Staff with Blue Cards Our custom built software will deliver automated maintenance reporting, providing compliance answers 24/7 and peace of mind. Auto Reporting Fire Asset Maintenance Handy SMS advice and a 2 hour window makes fire services installation or maintenance work a breeze. 2 Hr Timeslots & SMS Arrival Alerts Don't risk dealing with unlicenced tradespeople. You may void your insurance and risk lives. Licenced Tradesmen with Ongoing Training We're at the ready in case of an emergency. Any day - night or day- our phones will answer. 24 Hour Emergency Response