Oviedo Spain TunProtec Seminar 22-24th May 2018

FSQ Group recently sent engineering delegates from Australia to the Spanish Tunnel Fire Protection Seminar. Participants got the opportunity to witness a full-scale tunnel fire test live, at the APPLUS- TST test tunnel in Spain, testing how different systems control, suppress and fight tunnel fires.

Participants learned the latest information on these tunnel topics:

  • Fixed Fire Fighting Systems (FFFS) in tunnels,
  • Interaction between ventilation and FFFS in tunnels,
  • Fire test results and comparison between different system technologies,
  • How to design a typical fire test series in connection with larger tunnel projects,
  • Preparation of full scale tunnel fire test (measuring equipment, selection of fuel, test setup).

International Tunnel Authority Speakers included:

  • Mr. Arnold Dix, Professor, School of Engineering, Tokyo City University
  • Dr. Fathi Tarada, Mosen Ltd.
  • Mr. Arild Søvik, Søvik Consulting
  • Mr. Bas Lottman, Witteveen+Bos
  • Mr. Carsten Palle, CEO Dechign GmbH
  • Efectis Fire Laboratories
  • Mr. Alex Palle, CEO VID Fire-Kill ApS
  • Mr. Johnny Jessen, VID Fire-Kill/TUNPROTEC®

FSQ Group wants to raise awareness of the latest Tunnel Fire Protection Technologies, and reduce the total cost of ownership for tunnel fire protection solutions. Seminars such as this one in Spain are important for Australian infrastructure design and development partners.